Daryl Kane
Director: Dazal Web Creations.
As well as running Dazal Web Creations, Daryl also contracts as
a Nortel DMS Translations Engineer. He has worked for over 18
years in the Telecoms Industry. Starting his career in 1982 as an
Appentice Technician with BT. He later joined Cable & Wireless
in 1988, as a Network Controller, in the London NOC. At the end
of 1994 he moved over to Centrex Datafill, and set up the National
Centrex HelpDesk.  In the Summer of 1997 he was asked to join
Global One, as a DMS Translations Engineer. Then in 1999 he was
asked to take on a 6 month Contract with NTL and assist in the
installation of DMS Trasit Network.
"The Story Continues.........."

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Email:                          Telephone: 0771 3244 447