The History of BMAD
Barking Operatic Society was started in the 1970s as a Council night school class and was originally called Barking Operatic Workshop. Under the auspices of the former Barking Arts Council, the Group was led by local music teacher Ethel Giles, who was paid by the Council, and members paid night class fees to the Borough. Barking Operatic Workshop put on its productions in local halls and schools throughout the Borough.
In 1979, Ethel Giles retired and another Barking music teacher, Carole Cable took over as Musical Director. The evening class was cancelled, but members wanted to continue their interest and formed Barking Operatic Society which was given a grant by Barking Arts Council to help pay for the Musical Director and a pianist. B.O.S. members collected membership fees and organised fundraising events and from the 1980s, were able to stage larger scale productions - usually in The Broadway Theatre, Barking.
When Barking Arts Council was disbanded, B.O.S. was told to apply directly to the Grants Section of the Council for funding. This the Group has done ever since and B.O.S. is very grateful for the financial assistance it receives from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham without which its ability to stage high quality musical productions would be severely curtailed.
Carole Cable died unexpectedly in May 1997, but since January 1998, B.O.S. has been fortunate to have Carol Lucas, another Barking and Dagenham music teacher, as its Musical Director. The Society currently has more than 30 members and is now a well established feature of the musical life of the Borough. In November 2005 Barking Operatic Society decided to change its name and as from January 2006 has become... 
Barking Music and Drama, or...Barking MAD
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