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Barking MAD Committee Members

Hon. President:      Anthony Lucas

Hon. Vice President:
Phillip Cable, Jon Cruddas, M.P., Chris Elston, Sally Epps, Rob Flower,
Nikki Galvin-Law, Colin Green, Rt. Hon. Dame Margaret Hodge, M.P.,
Dave Hunt, Dee Hunt, Denise Jackson,Daryl Kane, Sue Kite, Carol Lucas, Tony Lucas,
Ian Moody,Vic Slade, Maureen Thomas, Tony Thomas, Andrea Vivian, Mick Vivian,
Robin Yeates
Chair                                      Zoe Paterson
Secretary                               Faye Spooner
Treasurer                               Jennifer Akroyd
Membership Secretary          Stephen Gilson
Social Secretary                    Scott Dexter-Wyer
Liaison Officer                        Tony O'Connell
Publicity Officer                      Daryl Kane
Members Representatives     Samantha Kane
                                               Simon Thompson
CCMF/Fund Raising Rep.      T.B.C.
Why not join us?...

Barking Music and Drama warmly welcomes new members........
If ever you long to burst into song,
Yearn for the chance to get up and dance,
As a matter of fact, if you want to act,
Then pick up the phone and make yourself known.....
Barking Music and Drama
is a member of the
National Operatic and Dramatic Association (N.O.D.A.)